So Halloween is around the corner. As a fitspo, someone who lived on a strict diet with obsessive rules and tendencies, people are already asking me about my plan. What am I going to do with the candy? For some reason it’s about the candy. Which is fine actually. Halloween […]

Nope, not doing the switch witch

Before I became a mom I kind of had no idea what it was like to be busy. Ok so I thought I was busy but I quickly realized after having my daughter that I really had ALOT of time.  I kind of wonder what I did all the time. […]

being selfish has made me a better mom

  I spent years doing excessive cardio. 5 am wake up calls to do fasted cardio before work. Double runs. Hour long elliptical sessions after work.  All because I thought that is what I needed to do. What I thought I needed to do to be lean. What I thought […]

6 things that happened when I traded excessive cardio for ...

About 3.5 years ago I became a mom. For the first time. Funny because I thought I was prepared and quickly learned there is no such thing. You learn as you go. What I *thought* was going to be never was. So I read. I went to support groups, I […]

what no one told me about losing the baby weight

Another year has gone by. As I sit in the hotel room while my family is sleeping, I am up working.  Not because I “have” to, but because I want to.     Today, on the first day of my 36th year, I started to think about what I have […]

My biggest insight from my 35th year

A year ago, I had one kid.  She was my world.  There is nothing greater than being a mommy for the first time. No matter how prepared I *thought* I was, I knew nothing. I remember wondering HOW in the hell I was supposed to do this thing called motherhood. […]

22 things I learned from my second baby

Being a mom is the best job there is.  But it is also exhausting, selfless and sometimes a bit chaotic.   We are busy. We wear many hats and many of us are still trying to be supermom and do it all. And we put ourselves last. In the moment, […]

For all the moms who have no time to exercise…