For all the moms who have no time to exercise… 1

Being a mom is the best job there is.  But it is also exhausting, selfless and sometimes a bit chaotic.   We are busy. We wear many hats and many of us are still trying to be supermom and do it all. And we put ourselves last. In the moment, it seems like what we […]

For all the moms who say they have no time to exercise

Cutting the crap- Why and How I did it with my toddler

Cutting the crap: Why and How I did it with my toddler

Ahhh the toddler diet. I say diet meaning the way she was eating.  Not diet like counting macros or cutting foods. We recently did a complete overhaul in my 3 year old’s diet.  From organic pancakes for breakfast and mac n cheese (organic LOL) from the box, we went cold turkey. (We have recently started […]

To the mom at the splash park…

To the mom at the splash park sitting on the sidelines. I saw you.  I want you to know that while you saw me running around with my kids in my bathing suit, it wasn’t always like this. It looks like I “have it all together” but I am no different than you. I have […]

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The one thing I wish I knew then... (1)

To all the moms trying to do it all…Stop trying to be “her”

This idea that we need to be “her” is getting to me.  Whether its with exercise, the way we eat, our job, motherhood.  All of it. There is so much noise out there and so much pressure we place on ourselves to be this person. It’s suffocating if you let it.  It’s paralyzing. Maybe we […]

A letter to moms

As we spend an entire day celebrating us I wanted to write a letter to all the moms out there.   As I started to write this post, I started to think about all the women who have enlisted in this job called motherhood. The moms who are doing their best everyday and are living […]

A letter to moms

8 things that happened after I became a mom (2)

8 things that unexpectedly happened after I became a mom

Motherhood is something you cannot describe. It’s one of the few things that is indescribable to anyone who is not in the same position. I know, because before I became a mom, I was one of those.   The one who had an exact plan of things I would or would never do. The one […]

24 things I’ve learned in 3 years of being a mom

I love being a mom. It’s truly my calling in life. It is by far the greatest “job” in the world.  That being said, I think we can all agree that it’s hard work.  It’s tiring, demanding, and can be downright draining some days. When I became pregnant with my daughter in 2012 I knew I […]

24 things I have learned from being a mom