As a mom of a two year old and a 4 month old, the whole new years resolutions thing kind of has me stuck.


It is the first time in a few years that my focus was not on being pregnant or giving birth.


Not to say that those were my New Year’s “resolutions” but if you are a mom, you get it.  That whole desire to be pregnant, excitement of being pregnant and then welcoming a healthy baby into the world is pretty much consuming (as it should be).


These are my top nine photos from Instagram this year.  You see, all bellies and babies.

Now that my little family is complete, I started to think about “what do I want this year?”  


This is hard.  In fact I have been thinking about it for WEEKS and keep coming back to the same place so I decided to share them with you.


Funny because years ago my new year’s goals were always to “lose weight.”  Every year my big goal was tied to my weight. Lose some, get to a certain number, wear a specific pair of jeans.  Whatever it was, the goal was always the same.


Not that there is anything wrong with the traditional “lose weight” goal but right now that is just not where I am.  As a mom, a wife and a mompreneur, my head is just not all wrapped up in the numbers not because they are not “good goals” but because right now, I want more.

So what are my 3 resolutions?

1.  Live in the moment with my kids.

Right now, every single day.  Take it all in.

I have heard it too many times “it goes too fast.”  And it does.  I am seeing my kids grow up right before my eyes.

I am all too guilty of being on my phone or counting down the hours until bedtime.  Or getting annoyed at night time wakings.  I am not perfect and I know this needs to change.  Life is flashing before my eyes and while my kids are still young and I have some time, it’s going too fast.

This year, my #1 goal is to slow down and be present with my children.  To live and embrace all of the good, the bad, and the ugly moments.  And it can get very ugly as my daughter nears three.  But not just “be there” but to really BE there.  Not think about all the stuff I should be doing.  Because is laundry really more important than playing?  Are my errands really more important than a park date?  Are the likes on Facebook and Instagram doing anything for my kids?  No.  Just no.

I want to look back in twenty or forty years and remember it.  I want to know that I was there for it all.

2.  Commit to putting myself on the list.

Every single mom needs this as a top 3.  This can be anything but we deserve this.  Taking care of ourselves is crucial to being our best. We all want to be our best and it simply cannot happen when we push our own needs to the back burner.

You know that whole “put your mask on first.”  Sadly, I never thought I could.  My kids were always first.  But now I get it.  My kids deserve a mom who is happy, healthy and energetic.


Take a walk.  

Go to the gym.  

Workout at home.  

Sign up for a race.  

Have a dance party with your kids.  

Nourish our bodies with quality food.  

Eat in moderation.

Commit to living a lifestyle and for once get off the diet.  Stop telling yourself you are “bad” and slash the tires of the wagon you seem to keep falling off.  Really.


Toss the strict plans and the rules and listen to our bodies.  Eat and move in a ways that we enjoy.


Find what works for you and do that.  Trust your process.


It’s been several years since I ditched the dieter mentality and committed to being healthy and fit.  While I workout regularly and do my best to take care of myself, I often get caught in what everyone else needs and often never stop to ask myself, WHAT DO I NEED?


This year is about me.  It’s about taking care of me everyday so I can be a role model for my children and be the best mom for them. We all deserve that.

3. Be OK with being good enough.

I am not out for mother of the year (not a real award but commonly thrown around at playdates).   I am not out to see how many Pinterest wins I can have or to compare my style of parenting to anyone else’s.

I am OK with being good enough.  If I can do #1 and #2, I will be.

My kids will be happy.  I will be happy.  And together we will make memories and live life.  The way it was meant to be.

My kids are loved and at the end of the day, that is all they need.

Parenting is hard work.  It is by far the most rewarding job but there are rough days.  No one hands you a manual that tells you how to do it.  Every kid is different and what used to work yesterday no longer works today.

The one thing that makes this “job” easier is to remember and remind ourselves that it’s a small season of our lives.  While it’s crazy and chaotic right now, it won’t always be.

There will be many days where we are begging for what we have now.


The snuggles, the smiles, the joy, and even the days where we wonder how in the hell we are going to make it to bedtime.

So whatever your resolutions are for the upcoming year I hope that you will add one or all of these to your list.  Because after all, your kids don’t give a shit what size pants you wear.

Happy New Year!