MomBeyondBaby™ App

A customized app created by me, a busy mom just like you, to have your fitness at your fingertips.

Lose weight (if you choose), lift heavy, and get StrongAF.

Mamas, life is too short to live on a diet and spend hours at the gym.

Seriously there is so much more to life than worrying about how many “points” you ate or how many calories you have burned on the treadmill.

Introducing at-home strength workouts that are 20 minutes or less right on your phone!

You deserve this. Yes, your kids need a mom who is happy but let’s be selfish and agree that you need this. You need to feel your best because

“if mama ain’t happy, nobody is happy.”

Welcome. I’m happy you’re here!

The goal of this app is to help you become healthy and FIT as a busy mom.

This app gives you a workout schedule, strength training workouts to do at home with PDF and videos, food tracking and the ability to track your progress pictures so you can see your body change.

I am a busy mom just like you.

I “get” that you have no time and I understand how tiring being a mom can be. But more importantly, I have been there. I have been through every stage…excessive dieting, eating disorder, binge eating, skinny fat, overweight, postpartum, you name it, I have done it. I have literally done every “quick fix” BS program out there. Yes, they worked short term but nothing was sustainable. And right now we have no time to think about food 24/7, track every morsel, or spend hours on a treadmill. We need long term and sustainable.

It doesn’t get easier than having the workouts on your phone.

As a Hormonal Fat Loss Coach, a personal trainer and running coach, I understand HOW fat loss works so I can teach you the way. I will show you how to make the most of your time exercising so that you can spend time being a mom, a wife, a friend. What matters most in life.

I will show you how to become a “mom beyond baby”.

Who Is This App For?

A busy mom who has limited time to exercise.

 A busy mom who wants to get StrongAF.

 A busy mom who wants to change the shape of her body.

 A busy mom who has tried all the quick fix options and is ready for long term.

 A busy mom who wants efficient and effective strength training workouts that fit into her busy schedule

 A busy mom who wants to lift weights but doesn’t know where to start

 A busy mom who is ready for a cost effective way to have a certified fat loss coach and personal trainer and by her side

 A busy mom who is so tired of dreading exercise and spending an hour doing cardio because she thinks she has to.

This app is for expecting, new and “seasoned” moms! There are modifications for all exercises given.

The workouts Shira provides us with not only kick our butts, but they make me feel strong! I used to have trouble lifting a 50lb bag of dog food, I can easily handle it now.

Laura Vance Scaggs

MBB coaching club has changed my life. I’ve been a diet jumper for a long time; gaining 60 lbs after each child then starting the newest diet to get the weight off. With personalized coaching from Shira, I’ve been able to understand my metabolism, my hormones and my body to finally understand how to become the strong and confident woman I want to be. Lifting weights has been vital to my success and I cannot wait to see what else I can do and what my body will become.

Kate Grimmell

Mum beyond baby has literally transformed my life. Shira is inspirational and knows what she’s talking about. If you are serious about getting fit and eating healthily then MBB is what you need. Real training, real knowledge and education, real change.

Camilla Sharma

I love the workouts for several reasons. They are easy to learn, require little equipment, but hit all the muscle groups to get just as much results as expensive gym equipment. They are also rest-based which is totally fun: you kill a set of reps on one of the exercises, rest and get the endorphins, then kill the next one! SO MUCH BETTER than cardio! I am addicted!!

Sarah Wright Gossett

Love that we get awesome workouts that can be done at home with free weights. I’ve always liked cardio but have come to love lifting and look forward to it everyday! I barely do cardio anymore and have had much better results!

Jenny Guy Barrett

I love that it so much more than exercises and recipes. It’s not a diet, it is a lifestyle. And we’ve built irreplaceable relationships with each other because we can be so open. I’ve followed Shira for a few years and have only been with the club a short time but have amazing results both with my body and my mind in how I view myself.

Katie O'Connor

Who Is This App NOT For?

Someone who wants to spend hours on an elliptical and isn’t open to lifting heavy stuff

Someone who wants to overexercise

Someone who wants to continue doing massive amounts of cardio.

Someone who is scared of changing her body shape.

Someone after rapid weight loss

You Want to Look and Feel Your Best as a Mom

Of course, you do. But with all of the information out there these days, how can you possibly know where to begin? How do you know if you are on the right track or following the correct workout plan?

The truth is that you can’t, not without a coach by your side. The real truth is that everyone is different so everyone needs a different, customized plan. What works for your friend may not work for you.

This is where I (and the App) come in.

Contrary to what you might have heard, you can live a full and satisfying life as a mom while simultaneously accomplishing your health & fitness goals. Looking your best and getting fit CAN happen when you are a mom. You can have both. You should have both.

The app is a no fail way for you to get your exercise done. Home or Gym, it’s only 20 minutes

Here’s The Thing…

I do not offer a quick-fix program or program in a box. Instead, I intend to teach you how to change your life starting with exercise. My MOM exclusive app is designed to help you develop and sustain exercise that fit into your life. Say goodbye to hour long gym sessions.

The focus of the app is to empower you as a mom, all while learning how to perform effective, time efficient workouts, getting strong, and developing habits that you can sustain while being a busy mom.

So how does it work?

You will start with a 2 week free trial of the MomBeyondBaby app.

You will get instant access to a workout schedule that is changed every 6 weeks.

You will have videos of every exercise as well as a tutorial with coaching cues for the entire workout.

You will have warm-up movements and finishers.

You will have yoga flows for active recovery.

You will check in when your workout is complete.

You can also upload progress pictures, track your food and track your workout results.

The bottom line is, the app makes exercise doable. With everything on your phone, you will be able to fit it in without printing, downloading or trying to find the DVD.

Anyone can give you a cookie cutter workout. Anyone can sell you the program or exercise plan. You can actually google hundreds of them.

But how do you really know what you should be doing?

We as moms are different in that we have something called hormones that affect our results.We must lift weights.

We must lift weights. But most of us can agree that walking into “that” section of the gym is overwhelming.

Together we will get results of course but more than that you will see that looking and feeling your best does not come in a box.

“Three years ago, frustrated with where I was at after having our first daughter, I treated myself to one month of Shira’s MBB Coaching Club. Her message seemed too simple and I wanted to debunk it for myself, but at the same time I wondered “what if this simple message works.” Fast forward to today, now with two daughters running around, I am a healthier, stronger, more confident woman and mom than I ever have been due to having both an effective, realistic way to eat and exercise to allow my body to do what it’s meant to do, as well as a community of like-minded moms who are accepting and supportive of this journey we are all on together.” ~Rebecca Focht~

2 Week FREE Trial and

  • Workout schedule (changes every 6 weeks)
  • Videos and PDFs of all workouts and exercises
  • Ability to check in to stay accountable
  • Upload progress pictures so you can see your body change
  • Food tracking and adherence charts


Upon purchase, you will receive an email within 30 minutes asking you to opt-in to an email list for the app. Once you confirm your email, you will receive instructions on how to create your own username and password for the app. You will also get your information for the app on your iPhone or Android. If you have any technical issues, please email support at Upon cancellation of the app, you will be removed immediately.

*By joining the MomBeyondBaby app, you’re agreeing to our Terms of Use.