Being a mom is hard.


It’s also rewarding and tiring and everything else in between.


It’s the hardest thing to explain until you become one.


You almost have to “live it” to get it.


Before I became a mom I had a very long list of things I was going to do.  Or not do.  Or not allow until age___.

And then I became a mom.


Twice actually.

And my “preachy” list of “best parenting” went out the window.


I quickly saw that there was no way to be the best mom.  I wish all moms would believe this.


Or become #motheroftheyear.


That simply doesn’t exist in this world of motherhood although moms are quick to judge and shame for everything you do or choose not to do.


It’s a brutal world out there among moms.  But it doesn’t have to be.


In fact, if we all lifted each other up and were supportive and helpful things would be…different.

Less stressful.  
Less shameful.
Less guilt. 


Imagine a world where we all just did what’s best for our kids without passing judgement to the next mom who is doing the same.


It’s crazy because we are so quick to judge yet we really have no idea the individuality of the situation.  We tend to assume without much thought.  (totally guilty on this)


Before entering mommy hood, I thought a few of these things…


How could you leave your kids for a date night?
Um, formula?  How could you?
No, we won’t watch TV.
Ipad?  Are you kidding me?
Oh they will never get in my bed. 
I will never be on my kid’s schedule.
Fast food?  You MUST be kidding.


And then I became a mom.


I spent the last few years doing what I do.  Not because I want to win an award of be a member of the “one up” club among moms but because it is what is best for my kids.

To them I am mother of the year which is truly all that matters.



But in all of the chaos and craziness that this season of my life has entailed I have found one thing to be true…we as moms need to spend more time celebrating what we DO rather than judging and feeling guilty for what we DON’t do. 

This is a tough job.


It goes too quick.  In a blink of an eye, I have a three year old and 11 month old.


There are days I want to cry. 

I have lost my shit more than once.

They have watched TV and played on the Ipad. 

They have eaten fast food.


I have allowed things to happen that I never would have thought because some days are simply survival mode in my house.


It’s not always pretty but it is reality.


The reality is that this job called motherhood is far from what we see on Pinterest or on social media.


So what I want you to know and remember is that being a mom is far from an easy task but you were chosen to do it.  We were chosen to raise our kids how we see fit and at the end of the day we are all just doing our best.

You are the perfect mother for your kids and all of this “stuff” really doesn’t matter.  Happy and loved kids are far more important than whether we breastfed, co slept, watched TV or napped in the carseat.  I wish all moms believed this.


Just do you.  Be kind.  Support each other and connect with a tribe of mamas who get it and understand you.  We all need it.



Shira 🙂

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