FEAR.  It’s one of those things we all have.  It tends to creep up whenever we are about to make a change.  It’s life.  But many times fear takes over.  We allow the worry of “what if” to take over and leave us paralyzed.

And then we do nothing.

We are left stagnant.  

We make no change.  

We are left full of self doubt and worry.  

We still think about the desire but we are too fearful to make the move. 


This could have been me a few years ago. I was a full time teacher and almost everyday me and my teacher friends would talk about doing something else.  We all loved teaching but many of us desired something different.  We all wanted to work but we we were constantly talking about having more freedom, more flexibility, and more money.  Many of us talked about wanting to stay home with our kids but still work and have an outlet for ourselves.


Usually we would just talk about it and think of it as “dream” because most of us had invested many years into teaching. Many of us, including myself, held Master’s Degrees with loans to show for it.


How could we ever leave?  We couldn’t.  There was no way.  We have put in our time surely we could bang out the last 15 or 20 years.  After all, teaching is a great profession for moms.  We get vacations, summers off and a pretty decent retirement. It sounded good until I thought about being a mom and leaving my kids.  Obviously I could have done it.  Many women do but did I HAVE to.  That was the question.


Should I just accept it?

Should I just say “well this is life” or try to change it?


My feeling is that I get one chance at this life so WHY NOT LIVE IT IN A WAY THAT MAKES ME FULFILLED?


I have always been a very driven, passionate person.  I could surely use these qualities to make THIS: being a Mompreneur, happen.


For some reason this idea of being a Mompreneur and starting my own business didn’t scare me.  I had NO idea what it entailed and I really didn’t know much about the business side of things but I knew I had the passion which had to be a good starting point.


Of course I thought it was scary, but more than fear, I was filled with excitement.  I could have “my thing”, contribute financially to the family and be able to stay home.  I knew I had to at least try.

What was the worst case scenario?


Maybe I would fail but at least I would fail trying.


And just by doing that, I was a success in my mind.  I knew I had to take the leap.


If I had to get another job while building my business, I could do that.  If it didn’t work and I had to go back to teaching or work at Publix, I could do that also.


My family thought I was crazy.  My friends were not supportive.  I mean, I was doing the thing we always talked about doing. But in their minds, I was making a rash decision to leave all I had worked for.  To this day, many of them do not support me and that is OK.


For some reason our society is ingrained to think that we have to go to college, find a career and stay there until retirement. The whole “thinking outside the box” seems rash to some.  Maybe it is but the criticism usually comes from those on the sidelines.  Those who aren’t doing it are usually the ones who are not the first to comment.


I rarely get criticism from those in my space.  My biggest cheerleaders are my friends I have met since starting my business. And my mom, she came around very quickly once she saw how passionate I was.  While I am not directly using my degree, she approves now because she sees how happy I am.  She sees me still “teaching” in other ways.


What started as a “dream” quickly became reality.


I used to roll my eyes at people who talked about “creating their days” and “living life by design.”  True story.  They annoyed me.  I would see posts on social media and think “well that must be nice.”


I was so caught up in what I thought I had to do, I ignored my true passion.  It was always there I just chose not to listen.


That was until I was about to become a mom and something bigger started to talk to me.  My kids.


What did I really want?

The rest is history.  Since that night I talked to my husband (my biggest supporter who never thinks my ideas are crazy) I have never looked back.


It hasn’t been all success.  Don’t ever be fooled by what you see and “perceive.” I started with zero subscribers and had to build my website.  I have had many “failures” but I have learned something from every single on of them.  I always remind myself that I would rather fail this way doing and living exactly how I want to.

So next time you think you want to make a change and you start to think of every reason why you “can’t” think of all the reasons you can.  Take the leap.  You will always figure it out.


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