To the mom at the splash park…

To the mom at the splash park sitting on the sidelines. I saw you.  I want you to know that while you saw me running around with my kids in my bathing suit, it wasn't [...]

A letter to moms

As we spend an entire day celebrating us I wanted to write a letter to all the moms out there.   As I started to write this post, I started to think about all the [...]

I wish all moms would do this…

Being a mom is hard.   It's also rewarding and tiring and everything else in between.   It's the hardest thing to explain until you become one.   You almost have to "live it" to [...]

Toddler Diet Overhaul: Part 2

It's been two weeks since we embarked on the toddler diet overhaul.  And I can honestly say it has been a complete 180.  Her behavior has done a complete turn around for the better. I am [...]

Toddler diet overhaul: Week 1 and a 180.

As you know my toddler (turned 3 in April) turned into a caged animal. Really, her behavior was pretty similar to that of a hangry animal as she was not only acting out but also [...]