To all the runners out there…

Let me start by saying I have run hundreds of races.  I started racing in college and completely fell in love with the run.  Not so much for my body but for my mind.  I [...]

From teacher to MLM to Mompreneur

Being a mom is hard.  Whether you work or stay home, the job is hard.  Rewarding yes, but exhausting for sure.   When you add household chores, relationships and work on top of "mom" duties, [...]

13 Lessons for all aspiring Mompreneurs

For the past few years I have been building my business.  I started my journey into the online space working for a health and fitness company as a rep selling products.  I quickly learned that [...]

Why not you? When self doubts limit us

Why me?  As an entreprenuer it is easy to get caught in the mind trap of why me?  You go to write a post and then before you press publish, you think "no one will [...]

Is fear holding you back?

FEAR.  It's one of those things we all have.  It tends to creep up whenever we are about to make a change.  It's life.  But many times fear takes over.  We allow the worry of [...]

The one thing every nursing mom needs

Ok so for all of you nursing mamas out there, I will start by saying, you are welcome.  These milk savers are the best invention and a must have for every nursing mom.  This is [...]

30 days of postpartum

My journey after baby Nelson #2.  I share my insights, pictures, and lessons learned for 30 days postpartum.  I learned alot after having my first baby and was determined to show moms that the fourth [...]