Being a mom is hard.  Whether you work or stay home, the job is hard.  Rewarding yes, but exhausting for sure.


When you add household chores, relationships and work on top of “mom” duties, life gets crazy.


But there is something different about my “work.”  You see I run my own business.  I work from home, from my laptop and have the flexibility to work whenever, from wherever.  I am the MomBOSS of MomBeyondBaby.


Sometimes I work from my phone during late night nursing sessions and sometimes I work while my babies nap.  Other days I get up at 5 am while the house is quiet and others I work after everyone has gone to bed.

But I get to choose.


When I was pregnant with my first, something inside of me told me that I did not want to return back to work.  I loved my job as a teacher but something inside told me there was another way.


I did not want to countdown the weeks of maternity leave and truthfully I did not want to put her in daycare while I worked. But I also knew that I needed “my thing” outside of diapers.  I needed an outlet for my voice and also wanted to contribute to the family.


During that year I dabbled in the online space.  I tried partnering with a network marketing company and it just didn’t work. Well, it worked because I was successful financially but I was not fulfilled.  The products I was “sharing” or selling did not align with my values.


I was asking people to buy home fitness programs and drink a shake.  Yes it works for some but I could not stand there and say it was the only way.  I could not tell someone that in order to lose weight they needed to put their food in colored containers or do a program for 21, 60 or 90 days.  I just don’t believe it.  For me, I need to feel 100% passionate about what I am doing.  Whether I am blogging, writing emails, talking to people or asking for a sale, I need to stand behind what I am doing 110%.


I simply could not stand behind the “one way” approach so I left and went on to do “my own thing.”


From there I hired my first business coach, leveled up myself and my business and got serious.  I became a Mompreneur and built MomBeyondBaby.


I created my business from scratch.  I built the whole thing.  The relationships, the trust, the website, email marketing, the systems and of course the products and service.  It is 100% mine and it is has become everything that I stand for.


It is my message.  It is my voice. It is “my thing.”


I love being a mom.  I love staying home with my kids but I knew that I wanted more.  I craved having “my thing.”


My business has given me financial security of course but it goes so far beyond the money.


My business has given me confidence and conviction because I DID IT when everyone laughed in my face.  

My business has allowed me to truly live my life exactly the way I want.

It has allowed me to create and find passions within myself that I never listened to because I was scared.



When it comes down to it, building my business has allowed me to create my life and live my life by design.  Instead of dreading work and counting down until the next holiday, I work because I love it.  I wake up excited about what I am building. I look forward to my work blocks because my work is my passion.  The two go hand in hand.


Over the past few years I have learned alot about business.  I have learned even more about myself.  I have learned about failure, success, and even more about what I really want as a mom and wife.


For me, the success of my business is not about the money.  It is about becoming great.  It is about becoming my greatest self as a mom which for me requires that I have “my thing” outside of #momlife.


But more than that, it is about being a role model for my children.


To show them what is possible.

To show them that life exists “outside of the box.”

To show them that you can build and create a life of your *dreams.*

To show them that they are capable of whatever their hearts desire.


My business has given me some of the greatest gifts.  But it is more about what it is giving to my children.


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