For the busy mom who wants to get fit, strong and toned but doesn’t have hours to spend at the gym.

What is FitBeyondBaby at home?

FitBeyondBaby at home is a handbook complete with over 19 weeks of at home workouts designed for the busy mom.  Listen, I know we don’t have time but the truth is that we all know we need to workout.  Not just because we want to get that toned and tight look but because it makes us feel better.  We all want to get started but many of us just don’t have the time or money to go to a gym.

The good news is that you absolutely do not have to attend a fancy gym or need special equipment to workout.  You can get fit at home with very little time and very minimal equipment.  FitBeyondBaby at home is an exercise handbook with the busy mom in mind.

The mom who is trying to do it all and just wants to take care of herself.

Who is this handbook for?  Who would benefit?

  • A mom who wants to start lifting weights but has no idea how to get started.
  • A mom who wants quick and effective workouts to do at home.
  • A mom who is tired of guessing what she should do for her workouts.
  • A mom who knows she needs to exercise but lacks the routines and needs a plan to show her the way.
  • A mom who wants to show her kids that working out is important and fun.
  • A mom who wants more energy, more patience and a little bit of muscle.

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Who is this handbook not for?  You do not need this if you are…

  • A mom who wants to spend hours working out.
  • A mom who has already reached her goals (keep doing what you are doing).
  • A mom who wants to do a bunch on unnecessary cardio.
  • A mom who is not willing to find 20 minutes in her day to get fit and be healthy.

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Meet Shira

Hey there mama.  I am so glad you are here.  Did you know I used to spend hours at the gym?  Yep, hours.  And what’s funny is that I had very little to show for it.  Well, expect for insatiable hunger and cravings, extreme fatigue and injuries.  That is no way to live.

It wasn’t until I started to lift weights that I got that “look” I wanted.  But more than that, I saw myself as strong. I embraced my body because it was so much more capable than what I had given it credit for.

As a mom of two little ones, Sydney and Kai, I know we have a lot on our plates.  I know time is not on our side. More than that, I know that as moms it is our job to make ourselves a priority yet for many reasons we put ourselves last.  It is our job to be a role model for our kids.  It is our job to exercise because we can.  Because it helps us be our best…for them.

I want to show you that you can get fit at home with very little equipment in less time than you thought.  I want to show you the better way.  I want you to wake up and feel like a badass.  I want to show you the MomBeyondBaby way.

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What do you get with FitBeyondBaby at home?

  • Instant access to 19 weeks plus of at home workouts
  • A workout schedule to tell you what to do everyday
  • A PDF and video tutorial of every workout
  • Fat loss exercise principles (the big rocks that you need to focus on)

“Can I really get fit at home in 20 minutes with a set of dumbbells?

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I spent many years of my life being a slave to the gym.  To exercise in general.  Life sucked.  No matter how thin I got, I was miserable.

I was missing out.

Life was happening and I was too busy worrying about my workouts.

I created FitBeyondBaby at home because I want to show you the way.  I believe every mom should workout. Every mom should create an exercise habit.  Every mom should strength train because we need to be trained for life.

But no mom should be wasting time at the gym or googling you tube videos.  The truth is that you can get fit at home with little equipment.  I want to show you how to be fit, get strong and most of all create a healthy habit for yourself.  And for them.

After completing FitBeyondBaby at home, you can expect…

  • To be amazed at your results of doing less.
  • To understand why and how to lift weights.
  • To have formed a healthy habit for yourself.
  • To feel like a badass because you are stronger than you were 4 months ago.
  • To have more energy, more patience and feel like yourself again.

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The Bottom Line

You are busy.  You are trying to take care of your family but we know that in order to be your best, you have to take care of yourself.  The old idea that more is better is no longer true.  We know now that better is better and that is exactly what FitBeyondBaby at home is going to show you.  Not only will you be strength training at home, you will be showing your kids that exercise is a part of life.

A few of your questions answered…

  • What level are the workouts?

    • All of the workouts can be tailored to your level.  The video tutorials show you steps to modify or increase the intensity.
  • What kind of equipment do I need?

    • You need a set (or two) of dumbbells, a mat, and something to step on (bench, cooler, chair)
  • How long are the workouts?

    • All of the workouts are 20 minutes or less.  Seriously!  If you are brand new you can make them 10 minutes too!
  • What if I already have a gym membership?

    • Great!  You can take these workouts with you to the gym and have more effective gym sessions.
  • What happens after I checkout?

    • Great question.  Once you checkout via PayPal, you will get a download link within an hour to that email.  If by some chance technology isn’t on our side, send my team and email at and we will get you taken care of.

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Your investment: $19.97

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