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The StrongBeyondBaby Jumpstart is designed to help you get started lifting weights at home, get that “toned” look you desire and of course feeling strong AF. I wrote this jumpstart because I want to show you that you can in fact be STRONG and FIT as a busy mom.

Let’s face it, many of us have a goal pair of jeans we want to fit into but when it comes down to it, strength is something that crosses over into all aspects of our lives. Once you start lifting heavy weights regularly you will see that you will begin to get that “toned” look you, but you will also be more confident because #strongAF will always trump any number.

Inside the jumpstart, you will find:

The 5 principles of exercise (the MomBeyondBaby way)

The “setup” of how this jumpstart works

A weekly workout schedule

4 at-home strength workouts (PDF and video link included)

My top 10 nutritional commitments for moms (this is a bonus but let’s be honest and say what we eat directly affects how we feel and of course our results).


You can have my NEW 12 Key Elements for Building a Successful Online Brand for FREE.  This is a proven cheatsheet that’s been used over and over by Mompreneurs in different niches to build an online brand, create raving fans and develop a successful business.  You get the Fast Start Cheatsheet – for FREE.

Why am I giving it away? Because I know that some of the people who download it for free will eventually want to apply for my Business Beyond Baby Coaching Mentorship for Moms and Moms to be. But whether you decide to apply or not… you can have this for free because I can guarantee it will help you to get started and make your dream of building a business a reality.


The Lean Running for Moms Starter Kit is for the mom who wants to run and change her body doing it.  In other words, she wants to #looklikesheruns

Breastfeeding & Fat Loss

This guide will explain How To Lose Fat while Breastfeeding…

An overview of what is actually happening to your hormones.

How to make adjustments for your body to keep your supply and still lose fat.

A simple to use chart to guide your nutrition.