Being a mom is the best job there is.  But it is also exhausting, selfless and sometimes a bit chaotic.  

We are busy. We wear many hats and many of us are still trying to be supermom and do it all.

And we put ourselves last. In the moment, it seems like what we need to do to keep everyone else happy.  In the moment, our workout seems like the thing that can wait because of whatever we tell ourselves.

The truth is that we are self sabotaging ourselves by these choices.

We put ourselves last because there is always someone who needs something from us.  There is always something that needs to be done.

There will always be.


There will never be a time when we don’t have something on our list.  There will always be something.

It’s simple: if we continue to put ourselves last on the list, we will never get taken care.  How many times have you actually made it to the bottom of your list?  Yeah, me neither.

We could chalk it up to this season of life but we shouldn’t.  


Because they are watching right now.

If we continually say we have to time to exercise then we will continually not have time to exercise.

It’s really that simple.

No time for exercise means it is not a priority.  But it should be.

Because they are watching.

We as moms have an edge when it comes to motivation.  So many moms are lacking motivation because they are using exercise as a tool to get smaller.  Or leaner.  Or burn calories from a binge.  Or fit into their pre baby pants.

But let’s be honest after a day of working, kids, chores etc, we are not going to workout if we aren’t focused on something bigger.  In that moment, the size of your pants isn’t going to motivate you to workout.  Maybe it will for a short time, but it won’t become a habit for life.  


Exercise for us has to be about something bigger.  It has to be about what we are instilling into our kids.  It has to be a way of life.  For us and for them.  

We can either take it upon ourselves to raise kids who are active and see exercise as something we do OR we can wait until they read the latest editions of Women’s Health and learn to how to slim down and diet for summer.

Childhood obesity is at an all time high.  This nation is fatter and more sedentary than ever.  There is a direct correlation between exercise and happiness.  Between exercise and the average life span.  Between exercise and health.  

This is not about hour long gym sessions or exercising so you can wear a bikini.  

This is about movement.  This is about exercise so you can be there for them. So you can enjoy your time with your kids and grandkids because you can do life with them and not sit on the sidelines.

It starts with us.  What we do is what they know.

When they see us make exercise a priority and part of our daily life, it becomes their normal. When they see us make movement fun, it is what they want to do.

They only know what we show them.  By what we do.


It’s a scary world out there.  Society is still telling us that we need to have a certain look to be worthy and that abs make us pretty.  But it doesn’t have to be.

It starts with us. We can show them the way.  


We can show them that exercise is fun.  

We can show them that exercise is not punishment for what you did or didn’t eat.

We can show them that exercise is about so much more than the look.  

We can show them that we are training for life.

We can show them that exercise makes us strong.


We can show them that being strong is capable.  We can show them that confidence comes from within and that is worth far more than the size of your pants.

Listen mamas, I know you are busy.  We all are.  I know you are sitting there thinking your situation is unique and you are the only one without time or motivation or energy.

But you aren’t.  There is mom out there who is making it happen.  Because she decided it was important.  She decided that it was a priority for herself and her kids.

I can promise you that in 20 years your kids won’t remember how clean the house was or if you the clothes were folded. 

They won’t care.  It will not make an impact of their life and their future.

But watching you make time for yourself and putting yourself on the list will.
THAT will be what they will remember.
THAT will become part of what they know and what they do for themselves.

Having a mom with energy who feels good and is around to enjoy life with them.  Now that is worth a 20 minute workout 🙂

That is our job mamas.  To lead by example.  To show and teach them by our actions.



p.s. If you are a mom who needs workouts to do at home, grab a spot in the Healthy Mom Lifestylers Club.  It’s a group for moms who want to learn how to take care of themselves without missing out on life.  It’s a group of like minded mamas who motivate each other, keep each other accountable and get fit and strong in the process.