So I gotta be honest for a second.


I like condiments.  In fact, I love them.  I use ALOT of them.  And while I get that it’s not clean and filled with things that aren’t “perfect” I have zero interest in cutting them out.  They make me happy.


Heinz ketchup, dressing, and you guessed it, half and half.  Not fat free and not reduced anything, the real stuff.


But that is filled with….


Yes I know.  In fact, I am certain it’s loaded with ingredients I probably should not consume IF I was going to be on a diet.


Or if I was going to be Paleo or call myself a “clean eater.”


I spent years doing all of that ^^.  I lived on diets, detoxes and spent the majority of my mental energy trying to figure out what I should “cut out” next.


It MUST be the ketchup.  Or the creamer.  Or the dressing.  Yep, THAT was my problem.

It couldn’t have been the nighttime binges or the copious amounts of nuts I was eating each day.


So I cut them out.  One by one, I would cut another thing out of my diet.


I might have lost a pound here or there but not much to notice.


And I was effing miserable.  Black coffee and early mornings for me do not mix well.


Not only was I unhappy and unsatisfied I was making up for all of the things I was “not allowed” by eating other crap.


I told myself it was the creamer and the ketchup but I made up for it in other ways.  Not ideal and certainly not any better in the long term.


So after many years of living in this cycle, I decided to focus on the things that mattered.  The things that actually moved the dial for me when it came to fat loss yes but more importantly to my lifestyle and consistency with my plan.


That was really the missing piece for me in terms of finding my fat loss formula and a way of eating that “worked”.  Not the amount of sodium in the Heinz or the fat in the half and half.


So I vowed to formulate my plan with foods that made me happy.  Half and Half, Heinz ketchup and salad dressing among the long list of foods that keep me satisfied and in check.


Instead of searching for every “approved” item, I decided to live my life in moderation.  Not sexy to say the least but I needed something sustainable and doable.  As a busy mom, I needed to have a plan that allowed me to stay fit and happy.


So while I could be leaner if I cut things like half and half, it’s not worth it to me.


Being effing miserable when I wake up in the morning and every time I eat food is just not worth it to me.


Spending time I don’t have to make my own, not worth it.

I know there are ways to make healthier versions of pretty much everything, but for me, it’s about satisfaction.  Making my own coffee creamer and ketchup suck.  I tried it because remember “it was definitely THAT” and not only did I hate it, I was extremely unsatisfied and never stayed on “my plan.”


My plan is simple.  Yours can be too.


I eat anything but not everything.


I know fat loss seems super complicated if you are stuck in a place where nothing is moving.  I get it.  Been there, done that.


But trust me when I tell you it’s really not about the small stuff.  Focus on the big rocks that actually move the dial.


For me, protein, veggies, fats and fiber.  All with a side of Heinz and a cup of coffee with half and half 🙂





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