It’s A Lifestyle

I no longer have the “on and off” mentality but have incorporated changes that I can live with every day. My outlook on exercise was harder to tackle as a cardio junkie, but I was open to her advice since I wasn’t seeing results and was feeling exhausted. I now prefer mostly 30-minute routines and have added weight days. She is supportive and motivating.  I am stronger and feel better than I ever have and I’m a grandma!”  – Fern, FL


“Having little experience with nutrition and fitness, Shira was so helpful during my journey. She offered countless tips and advice.  I’m a working mom of two and I don’t have a lot of time for lengthy workouts and elaborate meal prep. Through Mom Beyond Baby, Shira has given me some great tools to fit into my busy lifestyle…from 20-minute fat burning workouts to freezer crock pot meals.”  – Kristen, CT

Real Moms Real Results

“I started on 11/23/2013 weighing in at over 200 pounds, exhausted, “puffy” and feeling run down. My fat was 34% and BMI was 30. I had some setbacks throughout but never gave up and got right back in.. As of today 12/11/2013 I weigh 187.2 I have so much energy, I feel AMAZING AND STRONG!! My fat is at 32% and my BMI is 28. For me its baby steps and there will always be challenges with life. Going forward… I will ALWAYS be my top priority!! I can’t wait to bang out the next 5 weeks to see even more results.”

 “As a mom of four with very little time on my hands, I’ve struggled with maintaining a balanced nutritious diet. Shakeology has been an amazing addition to my meal plan. It’s fast, nutritious, and totally satisfies my hunger. I usually have a shake for breakfast; it’s quick and easy which is a must for me. I love experimenting with adding flavors like coconut extract or peanut butter and strawberries (pb&j =YUM!). There are tons of options that keep it from getting boring.

 “Ok so I have been a bit off over the past week but I stayed strong! It’s so hard to believe I have not given up. I know it sounds crazy right? This is the first time in 45 years that I have not given up on myself. I know you think really? Well something about me making myself a priority is finally paying off. My workouts and the Incredible support from my coach Shira Nelson and all the support and comments from this coaching group. For me, it has been life changing and we are only 5 weeks in!!!! 


What Moms Are Saying

“I have loved participating in Shira’s coaching group!  I feel like I learned a lot about nutrition and what my body needs. I look at food very differently now. Focusing on increasing protein, and cutting out processed food has made such a difference in how I feel.  I also love Les Mills pump!  Adding weights to my workout routine has definitely helped create some changes in my body that I’ve been wanting!  The support from my coach (love you Shira!) and the group was awesome. So glad I did this group!” -Meredith, TX


“When I fist talked to Shira I had just had my second child. I was overweight, tired, sluggish and had no idea what eating healthy meant.  Shira worked side by side with me to help me get back on track with working out and eating.  I started to see results and have since become motivated.  She helped me understand that there was more to the scale.  I have never felt better.” 

Coaching Club

We are a true sisterhood of Mommas from around the country. We laugh together, we cry together and support each other in all we do. I have found no other place that is as supportive, non judgmental, and fun as this one! For over two years I have been with HMLC, I have learned so much about myself, the other women (who I consider family), and what it takes to be successful and happy in my own life. It’s not just about working out and nutrition it’s about life, rolling with the punches and relying on this amazing group of women.

Laura Vance Scaggs

MBB coaching club has changed my life. I’ve been a diet jumper for a long time; gaining 60 lbs after each child then starting the newest diet to get the weight off. With personalized coaching from Shira, I’ve been able to understand my metabolism, my hormones and my body to finally understand how to become the strong and confident woman I want to be. Lifting weights has been vital to my success and I cannot wait to see what else I can do and what my body will become.

Kate Grimmell

Mum beyond baby has literally transformed my life. Shira is inspirational and knows what she’s talking about. If you are serious about getting fit and eating healthily then MBB is what you need. Real training, real knowledge and education, real change.

Camilla Sharma

I love that it so much more than exercises and recipes. It’s not a diet, it is a lifestyle. And we’ve built irreplaceable relationships with each other because we can be so open. I’ve followed Shira for a few years and have only been with the club a short time but have amazing results both with my body and my mind in how I view myself.

Katie O'Connor

The group is completely different from all the other fitness groups and programs out there. Most other programs play to people’s desires of getting quick results without changing themselves, but this group is about making permanent change. And we have a lot of fun doing it! Discussion topics, webcasts, sweaty selfies and even a retreat next year! I consider these ladies my friends and you will too.

Sarah Wright Gossett

I started with a month long challenge and loved it. The experience, the recipes, and relationships with other awesome women made me want to continue with Shira. This has become a lifestyle and I can’t imagine not having the support of this group. Everything and anything can be talked about as we are all or have al been through the same same things. All these women I truly consider friends and we’ve never met.

Jenny Guy Barrett

The Workouts

“I love how quick and effective the workouts are. I have seen a complete change in the shape of my body.” – Erica Threet

“I love how much the workouts kick my butt without spending hours doing them.” – Katie O’Connor

“The workouts are quick and can be modified if needed. They made me love weights and realize less can be more. I am amazed at how much stronger I have become.” – Fern Rhinesmith

“The workouts are intense, effective, and always work my body hard! Shira does an amazing job of tailoring the workouts to meet the needs and wants of the ladies in the club.” – Sarah Elizabeth

“Unique, challenging, and can be done anywhere.” – Nicole Starr Borders

“Wherever you are in your journey, you feel accepted, validated and supported.” – Fern Rhinesmith

A perfect fit for any mom with the desire and drive to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Everything you need – workouts, nutrition tips, recipes, and support are right at your fingertips.” – Alison Riley Rodden