For the past few years now I have lived and breathed MomBeyondBaby.  Well, aside from being a mom, giving birth and being everything else that we do: wife, friend, sister, etc.  My business is my third baby. I work on it everyday and wake up excited to create and connect with moms across the world  I truly love what I do.


But it hasn’t always been this way.  Right after I graduated college from the University of Florida with my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education I went to teach kindergarten.  I loved it.  From there, I taught first grade, EELP, became a reading coach and then went back to the classroom to teach third.  Teaching was my thing.  Or so I thought.  I never really thought about other possibilities because I was always taught that you go to college, get a degree and then go to work.  It’s just what I knew.


Even though I would get knots in my stomach on Sunday nights before the work week started and even though I counted down until my next break or the weekend, I never thought about leaving to pursue my dreams.  Wasn’t it my dream to have this teaching job?  I did love it but I always thought about what else was out there. I craved freedom and the ability to work from wherever I wanted but I really has no idea how to even go that route.


That was until I got pregnant with my first child.  All of a sudden the thought of leaving my baby to go back to work made me cry.  How could I do that?  We lived across the country from our families so daycare would be my option.  I couldn’t do it.  I HAD to find another way.


I started searching for ways to work from home.  I joined forces with a company to help people with health and fitness.  I’ve been a trainer, taught group fitness and always been into both so I could surely be good at it.  It would allow me to work from home (check), make some extra money (check) and do something I enjoyed (check).  All was good.  I signed up, went through training and started sharing/selling the products.  I really knew nothing about business or multi level marketing but I knew I had to try.  I did really well.  I left teaching right before I gave birth and stayed home “working” for this company.  I built a team, ranked up, and made some decent money.




How could I?  I was doing everything I wanted: making money, working from home, helping people. But that was not enough.


It was not enough because I was STILL working for someone else.  The only thing I was creating was the name of my challenge groups. Everything else was scripted and I had to stand behind products that I didn’t agree with 100%.  Sure, any fitness program is good but to tell someone that drinking a certain shake would ___ or doing a program for ___ days would guarantee results is just not really who I am.
I don’t believe in anything “in a box” when it comes to health and fitness.  But that really wasn’t the point.  I was still helping people, making money and getting to stay home with my daughter.  So you may ask “why are you trying to make this harder?”  Ha!


My “clients” were getting results.  Isn’t that what it’s about?


For some, yes.  Some people LOVE to work with companies and products.  But for me, I needed to create.  I needed to feel confident about the process.  I needed to fulfill my passion.  And let’s face it, you simply cannot be passionate about a product.  I could be passionate about helping people so why not just create my own?  That is something I could be passionate about.


Ahhh, my wheels were turning.  I started a blog on blogger and spent HOURS trying to figure it out.  How do I get subscribers?  How do I monetize this blog?  I had NO clue.  Ha!


So that is when I talked with my husband and decided that I needed a coach to teach me.  I didn’t have the time to slave over the computer, I needed someone to teach me how to do it.  I needed a business coach who had already spent the hours to just “tell me what to do.”  I knew what I wanted (kind of) but mostly I knew I wanted to build my OWN business.  My voice, my brand, my products. All created by me.


I was scared.  How could I succeed without a big name behind me?  Would people call me out?  What about my team?  All of these thoughts went through my mind but at the end of the day, I knew I needed to jump.  After all, how would I know unless I jumped?  More on these thoughts in part 2 of this blog.


The rest is history.  I have spent the past few years creating my business.  I did it!  It is everything I ever wanted and more.


I never really wanted to do it for the money, although that is a nice bonus as a stay at home mom.  I wanted it for the lifestyle.  I craved the life of a mompreneur.  I desperately wanted to be MomBoss so I could decide what I wanted to do and truthfully rely on no one but myself.  Having my own “thing” or business has been a dream come true.


If you resonate with this, let me help you take the leap.  My very own business coaching program for moms and moms to be(grab a spot on the waitlist below).  I talk to so many moms who are in this exact same position.  They want it so badly but have no idea where to start.  I have been there.  What started as a passion quickly became a profitable business and now I want to help you do the same.  Even if you are aligned with a company you can still build your brand and build a business being YOU.

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