My kid has allergies.  Alot of them.


As of right now, we know egg, soy, peanut and dogs.  We’ve only tested 15 things and so far we know this.

No one wants anything to be “wrong” with their kids.  It’s a mother’s worst nightmare to hear that your baby has an issue that you cannot fix.

I am a fixer.  I like to solve problems and when it comes to my babies, my Mama Bear comes prowling.

Since birth, Kai has had eczema and several “rashes.”  Around 6 months when he started eating, it became worse.  Just “rashy” on his face and all over his body.  He didn’t seem bothered but naturally I was worried.   And the comments from everyone else, well that is a whole different story.

Yes my kid has a rash and no I do not know why.

After a few doctor visits and finally one to the allergist it is confirmed that he does in fact have allergies.   We are not sure of the severity yet and have no idea if he will outgrow them but we left with education and an epi pen.

When the doctor looked at me and said “And you thought breastfeeding was supposed to cure all this”  my heart sank.

Did I cause this?

Is he allergic because of what I have been eating?

We just started foods and he has a rash from things in my diet?


I am not perfect.  I am not mother of the year but I do want what is best for my kids.  We all do right?

I breastfeed for so many reasons.

I have never thought of all the reasons why until now.  Until it might be something I have to give up because I am possibly making it worse.

Can’t I just change my diet?

Yes and I am going to try.  Today has been inter