It’s been two weeks since we embarked on the toddler diet overhaul.  And I can honestly say it has been a complete 180.  Her behavior has done a complete turn around for the better.

I am almost shocked.


About two weeks ago after a few text messages from my 2 year old’s teacher that she had hit, scratched and bitten other children in ONE day, we were beyond frustrated.

Actually we were mortified.  I am not sure I will ever forget the feelings I had as I rushed to get her from school that day.


You go through life thinking, “not my kid” and then when it is your kid, it’s an emotional roller coaster.


I went through it all.  I asked myself 100 questions, cried, had a pity party, blamed myself and replayed those “moments” when I lost my shit and then decided to make this change.


That very afternoon, only two weeks ago, we did a pantry purge.  We then went to whole foods to stock up on her “new food” (as she calls it.)


No more organic pancakes for breakfast and goodbye to the organic mac n cheese for lunch.  No more snacking all morning.  We were on a mission to make this change because we knew it was likely a culprit to my sweet daughter turned caged animal.


Sure most of her food was organic but at the end of the day, it was still processed and loaded with sugars and who knows what else.


More than that, the lack of protein and healthy fats was leaving her HANGRY.  Seriously everyday by 9 am she was a basket case.   Tantrums, mood swings, etc.


Think of your typical toddler (soon to be 3 year old) magnified.  Not good for anyone.


I would probably act similar if I ate pancakes for breakfast everyday followed by more carbohydrates.


Anyway, we did a complete (much needed) overhaul.  I am not sure why we waited but we did and we are only moving forward.


I beat myself up for why I didn’t do this sooner.  The move, the baby etc.  Who knows.  Maybe I was just lazy. Maybe I just thought “she’s a toddler.”  I don’t know but I so wish I had done it sooner.


We started to talk more about WHY we need healthy food and checked out alot of books on different kinds of foods as well as respect and other character traits.  Clearly those topics needed to be covered too 🙂

So what has changed as a result of this overhaul?

Everything.  Literally everything.


Her energy. Her level of hunger.  Her moods.  Her tantrums.  Her interactions with others.  And her overall temperament.  Oh and we have only had a few incidents in two weeks.  #win

What do her meals look like?

Most of the changes have happened for breakfast and lunch.  Oh and snacks.  She gets about two snacks a day (one before lunch and one before dinner)

Here are a few sample meals that we have used this week (note: I do not do cute shapes and stuff with food so if you are expecting that, keep on scrolling…):



  • Egg whites, bacon, avocado, strawberries (this is her favorite)
  • Eggs, canadian bacon, peaches
  • Protein smoothie (vanilla powder, frozen banana, greens powder, and natural peanut butter)

Toddler breakfast 🙂


  • Sandwich on a gluten free mini round (using sunflower butter because of the nut allergy)
  • Deli Meat or Rotisserie Chicken
  • Snap peas or veggie straws/chips
  • Fresh fruit
  • Cashews
New toddler lunchbox. Pricey but worth the level of excitement to fill in the compartments with healthy food.

New toddler lunchbox. Pricey but worth the level of excitement to fill in the compartments with healthy food.

Dinners (very much the same as we eat):

  • Cauliflower pizza, green beans, fruit
  • Steak, corn or peas or broccoli, fruit
  • Pork tenderloin, zoodles, fruit
  • Organic sausages, mashed cauliflower, green beans, fruit
  • Chicken Quesadilla with guacamole, rice and beans (we ate out at a Mexican Restaurant)
Toddler dinner: Sausage, green beans, strawberries, mashed cauliflower

Toddler dinner: Sausage, green beans, strawberries, mashed cauliflower

Steak, broccoli, corn, fruit

Steak, broccoli, corn, fruit


  • Yogurt
  • Applesauce
  • Protein smoothie or bowl
Vega Sport Vanilla, PB, frozen banana, chocolate greens powder and craving cocoa

The toddler favorite: Vega Sport Vanilla, PB, frozen banana, chocolate greens powder and craving cocoa


I have gotten alot of questions about her food and also alot of comments about how “my kid won’t eat like that.”  I get it.  It’s hard.  Believe me, she didn’t just willingly sit down and start eating vegetables.  It takes work.  It takes creativity and most of all, it takes patience.


I do not spend hours meal prepping.  In fact, I do not meal prep at all which is why we still have things like veggie straws in her diet.  But that’s ok for us.  I am not after perfect, I am after better.


I will say that she has had mac n cheese one day in two weeks and she savored it.  She ate slowly and was LOVING it (it was pretty funny to watch!).


But then, this is big, she didn’t even finish it because she had enough.  It was almost like she was being mindful (as much as a toddler can be) and understanding that she didn’t need to eat it all.  Something I wish I had learned as a kid.


My advice is this: Keep trying.  Remember that we are the only ones who can do this.  Yes they (the toddlers) think they know it all, but a 3 year old does not know what she needs when it comes to food…Healthy food to fuel her body.  She just doesn’t.


If it were up to her she would eat ice cream for every meal 🙂


I do allow her to go shopping and help me pick out her food for the week.  She gets excited.  She eats it and it’s a win all around.

It’s worth the tantrums.  It’s worth the fight.


This is the time when we create healthy habits in our kids.  Right now.


I am cheering for you!

Shira 🙂